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How Long Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support?

What Does CA Family Court Consider to Be a “Long-Term Marriage”?

California law defines a “long-term marriage” as a marriage that is at least 10 years long from the date of marriage to the date of separation. In a long-term marriage, the court will not set a termination date for spousal support. For long-term marriage, the party paying support needs to prove that spousal support is no longer necessary for the supported party.

For a marriage of fewer than 10 years, the law presumes that spousal support will last for half the length of the marriage. To continue support beyond half the length of the marriage, the supported party will need to prove that spousal support is still necessary.

Unless otherwise agreed, spousal support also ends upon the death of either party, the remarriage of the supported party or other order of the court.

Terminating Spousal Support in California

Termination of spousal support, whether it arises from a long or a short-term marriage is not automatic (other than death or remarriage). To terminate support you must bring a motion to the court. Call our office today for a free consult on whether this may be the proper time to bring a motion.